iPhone and iPad Digital Photography

iphone-and-ipad-digital-photographyDiscover how to consistently take eye-catching, professional-quality photos using the cameras that are built into your iPhone or iPad. This easy-to-understand, non-technical mini-guide explains all of the features and functions that are built into the iOS 10 (and iOS 10.2) editions of the Camera app (which comes preinstalled on your iPhone or iPad).

This mini-guide also teaches you 14 proven strategies for taking better pictures, provides a brief overview of the Photos app, plus explains how to create prints from your digital images that are stored within your mobile device.

This mini-guide is a valuable resource to all iPhone and iPad users who have iOS 10 or iOS 10.2 (or later) running on their smartphone or tablet.  This guide also explains how to use the new Portrait shooting mode that works on the iPhone 7 Plus (once iOS 10.1 or later is installed).

Jason R. Rich (www.JasonRich.com) is the author of more than 55 books, as well as a frequent contributor to numerous national magazines, major daily newspapers, and popular websites. He’s also an accomplished photographer. 

iPhone and iPad Digital Photography is now available as a 77-page eBook for just $7.99. It’s currently available for iBooks (for the iPhone, iPad and Mac).


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